[Part 3 can be found here https://caseycrook92.medium.com/the-darkness-pt-3-cbc621a3d48e

At the end of Part 3, Carl reunited with his guide and companion Wormy. The two worked out what Carl needed next and the players voted with an emoji from the video game Hades.]

A wide circular room. An ornate stone floor sectioned off with inlaid designs lit by sunlight pouring in from a skylight.

A flower. A cloud. A blank space. A rock. A squiggle. And in front of me, the design of a turtle.

“W h o C a l l e d T h i s M e e t…

[Part 2 can be found here https://caseycrook92.medium.com/the-darkness-pt-2-9b6d62485380

At the end of Part 2, Carl finally submitted to the darkness. He lost all of his memories and started back fresh, except quite a bit changed around him.]

(photo credit Bryony Richards https://matadornetwork.com/trips/393977/)

⚫️ 🌌

I hear the crackling and sizzling of my fire as I make sure it is properly doused.

The night surrounds me. I feel a chill.

I look to the stars above me and think of my mission.

I secure my pack and move on.

:compass: I know the way. I can do this.

👀 It wouldn’t hurt…

[Part 1 can be found here https://caseycrook92.medium.com/the-darkness-pt-1-archive-of-a-community-cyoa-told-through-a-blaseball-discord-4fc2b4f67de2]

I look to the valley ahead. I see a small stream that leads around a bend in the valley, several freshly dug up burrows, a few more of the scattered yummy bushes.

What now?

▶️ Head forward through the valley.

~~eye~~ ⚫️ Look around where I am.

◀️ Head back to another area.

⚫️ Submit to the darkness.

Or something else.

[The winning option was two custom emoji of frogs with magic caps looking with stars in their eyes.]

🔦 also received over 10 results.

I grab my flashlight, ready my pack and…

[This is the archive of a Choose Your Own Adventure game I ran through the Yellowstone Magic Blaseball side discord server.

It is a complete story told in and of itself over a series of posts made through Carl bot (https://carl.gg/) in which community members would react with different emojis to direct Carl on his adventure through The Darkness.

The posts were made over several weeks, written at any time between breakfast and 3am the following night when my dog woke me up and I had an idea.

There are things I would change about this story if I did…

image courtesy of user CuteLunaMoon from Brador, Church Assassin wiki page

“Bear in mind.
Some places are better left untouched, and some secrets are better left alone.
…Only fools do brazenly roam.”

After the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, and countless other Black people at the hands of police in 2020 alone, a trend emerged among new outlets. As protests revived the age-old phrase “All Cops Are Bastards” (ACAB), publications and stations, particularly local news, responded with an uptick in the number of stories about police officers helping people.

“They’re not like that here,” they seemed to say. “We have the good ones.” An officer kneeling with protesters…

Casey Crook

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